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Business is great. It’s a wonderful vehicle to deliver value to people and improve how they live their lives. Business doesn’t have to be evil. There is great knowledge and experience out there we can learn from. Many people have inspiring stories and ideas. We can learn from them and do something meaningful ourselves. It’s not enough to think and talk. We have to take action to get things done.

I have come across many professionals (scientists, artists, designers, engineers, etc) who are great at what they do. Most are intimidated by business or underestimate what it takes to commercialize their gift to the world. They end up doing business using trial and error. That’s the long way, which gets in the way of delivering what they are great at to the world. There are better ways to do things and great ideas to learn from.

I created ThinkDoBusiness to inspire your THINKing on business and help you become more effective and efficient in DOing business. All so you can deliver your gift to the world better.

Noor Shawwa

My name is Noor Shawwa. I am passionate about business. I did my Bachelor degree in Psychology and followed it with an MBA. I lectured on Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, and Contemporary Business Thinking at Concordia University in Montreal Canada. I started businesses. I consulted to entrepreneurs. I read about business. I had the pleasure, and pain, of working in startups and small businesses. I worked closely with successful entrepreneurs who guided their businesses to success. I  accomplished a lot, made mistakes, and learned a lot along the way. I want to share what I learned.

I’m a father, son, and husband. I love business, design, reading, photography, sports, cars and auto business.


ThinkDoBusiness is for you if you are a

  • non-business professional who wants to do business better
  • corporate warrior who wants to move from flirting with to doing entrepreneurship

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